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Krajina – lesy – tradice – genius loci
Novy Bor region lies at the foot of the Luzicke Mountains. It is a place where glass has been created for over six hundred years. The glass not only serves its purpose here, but also has the power to inspire, please and amaze. It is the local golden vein, the memory, the beginning and the end. Even the hills in this area seem as made of glass by local craftsmen, and the sun not as a star in the sky, but a glory hole of a furnace. Glass is the universe, time without passing and space without a place. Therefore it may not be a surprise that this part of land is dedicated to art – art of dreaming, art of creating and art of skills. Continue reading

About Art Glass

ARTGLASS is one of the leading Czech manufacturers of Bohemian crystal lighting fixtures and Bohemian crystal Chandeliers and bespoke unique lighting fixtures as well. Established in 1993, but built upon centuries old history and tradition of crystal chandeliers manufacturing in northern Bohemia. Supplies to customers all over the world. ARTGLASS is present in the region of South East Asia through its local offices in particular countries and directly in Myanmar is since 2014 when started the cooperation with TRADITIONAL CZECH CRYSTAL and renowned and important architectural Myanmar face, U Thaw and his office ARCHITECT M. THAW & ASSOCIATES. Also, has many other projects for several public (hotels, churches) and privat (residencies, flats) in progress.
ARTGLASS deliver all over the world additionally is capable to assure the installation of the lighting fixtures.
1.Artglass crystal chandeliers can be offered to:
a) architects
b) designers
c) property buyers
2.Artglass can design, manufacture, deliver and install tailor-made crystal lightings for:
a) public space of new condominiums
b) hotels
c) public buildings
d) privat residencies

Why to work with Artglass?

1. Traditional Bohemian crystal chandeliers –guarantee of origin and quality
2.Large selection of traditional as well as modern design crystal lighting –each model can be adjusted to meet customer’s special requirements. ‚
3. All products are fully handmade
3.Flexibility to meet any demand from Myanmar clients for individual lighting projects as long as it is technically feasible in a short time is a great competetive advantage
4. ARTGLASS has its own team of designers and also cooperate with external Czech and foreign designers
5. ARTGLASS has its own team of assemblers who install the chandeliers for the customers all over the world
6. Great advantage in cooperation with local companies who can import the products and deliver them without any problems and, additionally perform the post-installation service for the customers.


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