About Jitka Skuhrava

Krajina – lesy – tradice – genius loci
Novy Bor region lies at the foot of the Luzicke Mountains. It is a place where glass has been created for over six hundred years. The glass not only serves its purpose here, but also has the power to inspire, please and amaze. It is the local golden vein, the memory, the beginning and the end. Even the hills in this area seem as made of glass by local craftsmen, and the sun not as a star in the sky, but a glory hole of a furnace. Glass is the universe, time without passing and space without a place. Therefore it may not be a surprise that this part of land is dedicated to art – art of dreaming, art of creating and art of skills.About Jitka Skuhrava
Studio Jitka Skuhrava was founded by Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava and her husband Tomas Kamenec. They both have traditional glassmaking background and follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents. Over the last few years they have been focusing on producing design lights and original light installations for architecture.
Together they have formed the appearance of dozens of installations all over the world.
We can find e.g. their monumental glass sculptures in Dubai underground called “Jellyfish” and a light installation “INFINITY” created for the Czech Olympic House in London. In the Czech Republic we can see e.g. a sculpture called “Mist” which is placed in Slovansky Dum (the Slavic House) and radiant “Bamboo” sculptures in the newly opened developer’s
project of PENTA group – Florentinum.
Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava says to the foundation of the studio: “Glass is a fascinating material which has been part of our whole life, and still does not cease to amaze us with its fragile and unique beauty. We love creating personal and original designs. We see to each product from the beginning to the end; we respect the quality of every individual part and often ourselves refine the glass with our own skills. We try to imprint part of our own soul into each product. That is why our motto is “Glass with a soul”.
Studio focuses on designing glass light sculptures intended to light and enhance interiors that are often very spacious (hotel lobbies, staircase, private residences, bars & restaurants, etc.).
It is difficult if not impossible to separate this activity from the original artistic work in the conventional sense. It simply remains perfect work with glass, the result of a 100 years long family glass tradition, touch, and mastered “crafts”, thanks to which the rooms intended for people are enriched by a joint effect of the shape, light, and something that is hard to define but is pleasing to the eye and mind.

Light objects by Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava – a graduate of UMPRUM in Prague (Professor V. Kopecky’s studio) – which she has received several prestigious design awards for, resemble cave ceilings with stalactites, raindrops stopped in time, soap bubbles, or germs of life – they are like words breathed out into a middle of a sentence. Among other remarkable lights are objects constructed from engraved, sometimes stained sheets of glass, which gently present various traditional techniques used by craftsmen in Novy Bor region. They might remind us of ice mirrors with marks left behind by ice skaters in the night. Jitka’s knowledge of the glass regional history also proves itself well in her decorative objects, vases, bowls or plates which usually have very expressive colors. With her lights, they share the same aesthetics of “a frozen fluid”.

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